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A Voice in the Forest by enhui A Voice in the Forest by enhui
(This is a revisit of Gadris, with more time and care put into the painting, as well as a narrative for the scene)

"I looked at you and thought about my birth, my rearing; though not an animal, you were as kin to me. Fragile, cowardly, and yet so strong."
Strange-Ape Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010
Oh, yeah. I'm liking this version a lot more than the other.

I can't say much about the painting quality itself, since, I can't paint or colour worth a shit, but I think I can say that it has a much softer, more believable range of light than the previous incarnation.

What I think I can give some critique on is the linework. While I'm digging most of it, I think there's two things that are bugging me here. First, the length of the nose, that is to say, the ridge, seems too short. This man has a very tiny nose. The second thing is his neck. Though, I could be mistaken because some of it is covered by hair, it too seems too small, especially for the size of the head.

There are a few little things too. You show a lot of detail like wrinkles in the hand, but the rest of the body is baby smooth, and the nostril seems a bit small. Also, the eye is a little big, but I'm gonna chalk that one up to style, so no biggie there.

That is all.
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August 3, 2010
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